Workshop Organizers

Lone Malmborg is Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, heading the Interaction Design Research Group. Her research is in the area of interaction design, co-design and social innovation, and specifically design in the area of ageing. She is principal investigator and scientific coordinator of the AAL- funded project Give&Take – Designing a reciprocal exchange service for a good and engaged senior life.

Ann Light is Professor of Creative Technology at the University of Sussex and was principal investigator on the UK Digital Economy’s Design for Sharing research project as well as several Connected Communities projects looking at how we dwell together in the highly mediated and mediatized world of the 21st century. She is particularly concerned by patterns of inclusion and how to make technology design participatory.

Geraldine Fitzpatrick is Professor of Design and Assessment of Technology and Head of the HCI Group at Vienna University of Technology. Her research is at the intersection of social and computer sciences, with a particular interest in support for social interaction, older people, communities, health and wellbeing. She is co- investigator on the AAL-funded Give&Take project and co- author on publications about food sharing.

Victoria Bellotti is a Research Fellow and developer of PARC’s Opportunity Discovery research and strategic investment targeting program. She studies people to understand their practices, problems, and requirements for future technology, and designs and analyzes human-centered systems. She has published on timebanking, reciprocal altruism and community collaboration, and is co-editor on a journal special issue on the sharing economy.

Margot Brereton is Professor of Engineering. & Interaction Design at Queensland University of Technology and researches the participatory interaction design of ubiquitous computing technologies. She develops innovative designs, and theoretical understandings by designing to support real user communities in selected challenging contexts. Her approach is iterative and involves growing user communities as the design evolves, by understanding and responding to socio-cultural factors.

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