World Machine Manual

How to make a World Machine….

At the Making World Machines workshop in Aarhus in August, we made several sections for a manual on how to make world machines. We display them here, with the intention that other workshops will build on what has been achieved. (With thanks to Steve Harrison and Austin Henderson for some excellent photographs.)

World Machines in Aarhus
Making World Machines in Aarhus… the manual pages are assembled.

World Machines 2015.08.1706 World Machines 2015.08.1705   World Machines 2015.08.1714 World Machines 2015.08.1713 World Machines 2015.08.1715

World Machines 2015.08.1716World Machines 2015.08.1718World Machines 2015.08.1717

Arhus2015 W7 10
World Machines 2015.08.1719Arhus2015 W7 07   World Machines 2015.08.1711World Machines 2015.08.1707 World Machines 2015.08.1710 World Machines 2015.08.1709World Machines 2015.08.1708

These images are available for download in (roughly) their original formations as pdfs and may be used under a Creative Commons licence ( for related activities:

World Machines 2015.08.1712