Design for Sharing Event Agenda – London – 4th November 2014


This event was held at the Cinema Musuem, 2 Dugard Way, London, SE11 4TH on 4th November.  As presentations become available to be shared they will be added below the speaker/panelist name in the programme below.

9.30        Registration

9.50        Introduction:  Ann Light

Ann Light             Design for Sharing

Design for Sharing

10.10     Keynote: Prof Russell Belk

11.00     Break

11.20     Panel 1:  Sharing limited resources: time, space, enthusiasms & ‘stuff’

“The value of sharing means that you have access to new resources and they are people resources as well as material resources – so that, for me, sustainability is linked to the combination and you can start being creative.  But you have to trust people and break down the barriers.” Philippe, Rushey Green Time Bank

Chair (Ann Light)

Dermot Jones    Makerspace

Clare Cowen      Brockley Society

Karen Martin     The Centre for Architecture and Sustainable Environment,                                                                   University of Kent

 12.30     Lunch

1.30        Exercise by Fanshen

“You’re making yourself a bit worse off because you’re giving away some of your possessions, but the overall cumulative thing is that everyone becomes enriched by it: lots of people making a very small sacrifice.” Sebastian, Microlibrary

2.45        Break

3.15        Panel 2: Design to support community cohesion

“We’ve built a site that we hope to be global, but you can only ever build a site for an audience that you know and understand. … you make a connection and you all feel the better for it. There’s the practical thing, but I think the emotional connection for community is really important.”   Olivia, Patchwork Present

Chair (Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield)

Kathleen Stokes                 NESTA

Sarah Bird                            Timebanking UK

Benita Matofska                 People Who Share

Benita Matofska Design for Sharing Presentation

Zoe Bierman                         Casserole Club

Zoe Bierman – design for sharing presentation

4.15        Break

4.30        Responses

“If we want to understand design for sharing, we must balance a study of technological opportunity with analysis of the practice of people enabling sharing and building infrastructure on the ground. These are the people who are taking sharing from the level of serendipitous encounters to a more organised and mobilising series of engagements.”  Report, Design for Sharing

Robin Mansell (Chair)

Russell Belk

Jocelyn Cunningham

5.30        Close

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